• One postdoc position is immediately available. Contact me with your CV.

Ph.D. Program Applicants

  • I’m looking for highly motivated Ph.D. students starting from Sept. 2021. You do not need to send me a contact email. Directly apply to Rutgers Graduate Admissions and (1) put my name in your application as a professor who you would like to work with, and (2) choose ML as the area of your primary interest.

M.S. Program Applicants

  • I do not reply to MS program applicants contact email. Please contact me after getting the admission.

Research Internship

  • I have openings for exceptional and highly-motivated undergraduate/master students who qualify the following requirements:
    1. be familiar with fundamental concepts in machine learning and deep learning
    2. be skillful in either PyTorch or TensorFlow programming with some project experience.
    3. be familiar with probabilistic generative models (VAEs) and reinforcement learning
  • I’m looking for interns who can work at least 6 months. It takes at least 4 months to process the visa. Let me know from when you can start considering this. Things could be easier if you can be self-funded. But, even if you can’t, there could still be a chance. Please contact me with your CV and transcript.